The Need Of Anti Virus Software

It is a new excitement for everybody to purchase a new computer. However, this excitement is often hindered by the fact that when you are done with the purchase of your software, you must choose the right kind of software for your computer system. The selection of the software is very important for the proper functioning of your computer system. Generally, people think it as a simple and easy task. They take some video and image editing software and some anti-virus software and most probably some sort of games. However, majority of computer users take this decision with great care. They take their decision based on the suggestion of the clerk at best buy. This thing works well for most of the people. However, quiet often it has been observed that the sales clerks try to sell the more expensive software. This is the case with the anti virus software also.

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Avast AntiVirus Home Edition: Respectable Performance, Ample Protection for Free

Avast! is among the well-regarded anti-virus software for home and business users. For home users, the Czech Republic based Alwil Software a.s., maker of Avast!, is offering Avast Antivirus Home Edition for free. Avast! requires all home users to register within 60 days to receive a free license key.

Avast! protects your PC through spyware and rootkit detection, and by automatically updating malware definitions daily, it is ensured that your computer gets the most updated protection there is.

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How Trustworthy is Antivirus Software that is Free? (2)

Upon testing the different free antivirus software available on the market today, it was found that Avira AntiVir Personal came up on the top in terms of performance in malware detection and scan speed. A simple, functional security program, the Avira software offers great protection for your PC and total sanitization of your computer system in the fastest amount of time among other security applications.

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How Trustworthy is Antivirus Software that is Free

For the penny-wise PC users, there is a variety of free antivirus software already available on the market. Coming from Panda and Microsoft are the well-known Comodo, PC Tools, AVG, Alwil (Avast) and Avira. These are relatively good security programs that bring the needed protection to your PC at no cost.

The German company,, tested out a collection of malicious software on this list of free antivirus software and came out with the following ranking: 1 – Avira; 2 – Alwil (Avast); 3 – AVG; 4 – Microsoft Security Essentials; 5 – PC Tools; 6 – Comodo. The method was to test the speed of the scans and the detection rates of each.

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