Facebook And McAfee: Preventive Measures

Facebook and McAfee became united in one aim which is maintaining the social networking site and its users free from malware. So do you think that this deal of Facebook with McAfee will make the social networking site safer than before?

Due to the increasing members of Facebook, the social networking site is now finding and implementing ways to keep its users safe from malicious software and this deal with McAfee is one step to it. However, this is not enough to completely protect users from reported phishing tricks, luring scams and other swindling traps that are occasionally dwelling on the networking site.

Here’s an overview of the McAfee and Facebook deal.

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Internet Hackers Now Target Electrical Outlets to Steal Information

One would think that using an electrical outlet to commit information theft would be the most implausible thing in the real world, and better, would be a great movie plot in Hollywood!

As it turns out, this fantastic idea has now become a reality. This July, 2009 at a conference called Black Hat USA, internet hackers will reveal their latest modus operandi in stealing information from other computer systems via the power outlet that the computer system or PC is connected to.

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