Facebook And McAfee: Preventive Measures

Facebook and McAfee became united in one aim which is maintaining the social networking site and its users free from malware. So do you think that this deal of Facebook with McAfee will make the social networking site safer than before?

Due to the increasing members of Facebook, the social networking site is now finding and implementing ways to keep its users safe from malicious software and this deal with McAfee is one step to it. However, this is not enough to completely protect users from reported phishing tricks, luring scams and other swindling traps that are occasionally dwelling on the networking site.

Here’s an overview of the McAfee and Facebook deal.

Ways to Get Protection

The transaction of McAfee and Facebook owners is presented into two important safety procedures. The first one includes six months of free subscription of McAfee’s Internet Security Suite for Facebook users. After six months, members who wish to continue using the feature will be charged. McAfee will give a discounted price for every six months of subscription which is to say an efficient marketing move for McAfee.

The second safety protocol Facebook applied with McAfee is more provocative. In the past, Facebook had this service that can check if a user’s account becomes vulnerable to malicious programs. But now, the protocol had changed because whenever an account became exposed, McAfee will instantly alert the user to use their Scan and Repair application. McAfee assumes that if the Facebook account is already infected with malware, there is a high chance that the computer of the user is corrupted as well.

The Scan and Repair of McAfee will try to determine and eliminate the malware from the user’s computer before he can regain access of his Facebook account.

For those who want to avail six months of free service, just search for the Facebook page of McAfee through your Facebook account then select “Become a Fan” from the tabs. After that, look for the “Protect Your PC” option and there you will be required to provide your credit account information. Don’t worry because the first six month’s use is free and you can choose to cancel the service whenever you want. When you finish the credit card validation, you can now download the McAfee software.

Check Your Computer First Before Taking This Option

It is a fact that these security steps are a must if you want to be protected from malicious software, but no one is obligated to choose this option especially if you are sure that you already installed a working and updated antivirus application on your computer. Nevertheless, the deal of Facebook and McAfee is a great way to suggest to users the importance of malware protection programs.

Some Facebook Scams to Look Out

Even with the help of McAfee, a Facebook free from scams is still an unseen future. It is sad to say that fraudulent schemes and swindlers are not only present on Facebook but on most social networking websites.

Facebook and many other social networking sites harbors many scammers, due to the fact that it is easy to gain access of personal information in these websites. Many people experienced being tricked with what they thought was friendly approach of scammers. Everybody should be aware when giving important information about one’s self and even your friends. This information can later be used to deceive you so be wary of people you don’t know. If you are in doubt of a person, don’t entertain him.

McAfee and other antivirus programs will surely prevent a malware from infecting your computer but it will not protect you from phishes. These persons will try to ask about confidential information over false pretenses. Passwords and personal data gathered by these hackers will be used to take control of your account, not only Facebook but can also be your bank and credit card accounts.

For everyone’s concern, malware is not the biggest threat in social networking sites. What everyone should look out for is danger from another person. In Facebook, people post personal information such as photos, addresses, working location and phone numbers without thinking carefully how these can be used against them. Setting your privacy options is important so better be wary than sorry.

Hence, internet users should not only get assurance from malware protection software such as McAfee. Aside from Facebook’s preventive measures, users should also be alert and mindful of their own acts. Always use your instincts and common sense. To ensure your safety, never engage with persons you don’t know, do not share personal information and don’t be lured with websites that offers stuffs that’s too good to be true.

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