G-drive: A Remarkable Cloud Storage

Last Jan 13, Google made an announcement about Google Docs new features. This file storage was rumored to be the making of the much anticipated G-drive. It was said that the file storage can be both useful for users who have Gmail accounts and for those who use corporate applications. The company did not present exclusive details of the file storage, however Google gave some details about the features that will make users wait for the completed version of Google hard drive.

The file storage allows access of files even without connecting with the computer’s internal office. Rather than emailing data, using an external device or a network drive to access and control files, users can actually do this with Google Docs from any computer with web connection.

With Google Docs, users can share folders and upload files when needed. The upload feature is a good alternative instead of attaching files in email. Another utility is the share folder especially made for company use which allows workers to readily share their files within the office. Sharing can also be secured by choosing the persons who can access the account.

The online storage includes 1GB of free space to save any kind of file in the G-drive. If the user exceeds the limit, there will be an annual charge of $0.25 per GB use.

According to product manager Vijay Bangaru, these features of Google Docs are created to broaden and extend how users can utilize the storage.

Indeed, G-drive is not created for music storage or backing up your computer files like other cloud storage systems. Google does not want to be used in such a manner. Instead Google aims to be the complete file storage for everyone.

Although storage is still limited, we can be sure that Google will expand this in the future. G-drive is also created to be used side by side with the browser Google Chrome.

As of now Google is not naming any official client or drive compatible with Google shares but there already existing third party programs fitted with Google Docs and can allow users to access and upload files from their personal computer.

Manymoon is an online platform to upload files from a user’s desktop to Google Docs. It can be used as a project manager to systematize files and tasks within an office or company.

Memeo Connect a newly introduces desktop program for Google Applications. Using this application makes synchronizing and sharing documents from Google Docs to other desktop effortless.

Syncplicity is another application suitable with Google Docs. This program provides automated backing up and management of files.

It is with no doubt that G-drive’s features will equal or even surpass Microsoft Live Office applications, Apple’s MobileMe platform and other cloud storages out in the web market.

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