Protecting your Data and Preventing It from Reaching the Larger Market

When Can Your Data Reach the Market?

If you are selling your old PC or laptop, this is one major way that your personal data will end up on the market, simply because you didn’t clean out your old unit properly. Simson Garfinkel, a security specialist and author, did his own little research on how easily data could be transferred from person to person through old and used units. Off eBay alone, he was able to buy hard drives that were second hand from different organizations and businesses. These included medical centers and banks. From both he collected tens of thousands of credit card numbers and a little under a thousand PINs from the second hand drives alone.

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Add New Life to your Laptop

There are simple things that you, the owner of a one year old laptop, can do to breathe new life into your computer so that it feels like one of those spanking new machines on display. Aside from adding zip and zest into your computer, there is software that you can install that makes it possible to recover your laptop in the unlikely event that it gets lost.

A very effective way to make your computer crash less is to make sure that the system is updated. Drivers are being constantly updated every time bug fixes and performance enhancements are discovered. These fixes, once downloaded into your computer, will always result to a better computing experience. To make sure that your computer receives all the necessary updates, just open Windows Update in the Control Panel.

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How To Enhance Your Notebook

The all-time belief that laptops cannot be upgraded is not left true anymore. For your friends who continue to slate away from this truth do it for no fault of their own, because as a matter of fact, the core components of mobile machines like lap tops are actually fixed. So, but for a complete overhaul of your machine, there are now a pretty large number of options available at the aftermarket computer solution outlets ranging from memory expansion and fitting new add-on parts to adding new functionalities and many more that you would have hardly imagined at the time you purchased your laptop. These options come to the rescue of many who are desperately in need of a faster running system but purchasing a new model is beyond their budget. Here are a few cheaper options which can help you make your good old notebook run with never before horse power:

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