Apple Has Started Heeding the Market Trend

Apple has always been criticized for its costly products line. But now apple has decided to bring down the prices of iPhone 3G and the Macbook lines. Now it is to be seen if apple is going to reduce the size of its ‘Apple Tax’ to an extent where a Republican can also think of using the Apple products.

There is no doubt that as far as the quality and the features are concerned, there are only a few companies out there, who could give a competition to Apple. But the thing that bothers customers is the high price tag of the products of Apple. The term ‘Apple Tax’ has been hounding people for a long time and this has been in practice for so long that it is now taken as a legend. But it can also be said for certainty that this high pricing of the product is the one that has saved Apple from going in loss even in the times of global recession.

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