ESET Smart Security 4

The base of this security bundle consists of four modules. User is protected against viruses and spyware, also protected against spam. Firewall is an important part and cannot be missing. There are more functions than they appear. On regular basis the interface is set to offer everything necessary for beginners. Advanced users can simply shift to extended mode where they can select from all functions and tools included in the extended mode.

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The Joy Of Spam

Anyone who uses email has at some point been faced with what this writer lovingly calls the Spam Dilemma. The mailbox shows ten messages, but once opened, reveals only one actual email – if the mailbox owner is lucky. The remaining nine email messages are an advertisement, opportunity, or incentive.

Rather than running out of steam and going away, the Spam Dilemma continues to plague email users worldwide. The reason the deluge of junk mail continues is as upsetting as it is simple: Spam works.

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