WiMax Struggles For Broadband Share

The WiMax Market has, by and large, remained unutilized till today. There has been a large race going on, among the various mobile operators, to conquer this market. The technology cost is pretty high and several pre requisites, such as coverage matter have to be taken care of in the run. The global analysis firm, Ovum, have claimed that the hunt is not a struggle for capturing mass market, but for the competition issues.

The WiMax has endeavored to make a standing in the grown-up markets of Europe, North America and Asia. The Ovum is expecting to gain a hold in the emerging market now. The matter did not turn out to be as expected due to the factors such as cost, vendor support, coverage and the service provider. The limited number of service provider’s options did not allow WiMax to capture the market.

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Wireless security: Hyper techniques

Interest in wireless technologies as a means of extending a company’s network infrastructure has grown exponentially almost overnight. Not only has there been more curiosity from customers, who see the obvious advantages, but suppliers of wireless network hardware have been busy churning out innovative products in a bid to claim niche market space. Unfortunately, over shadowing this popularity are questions about wireless security, which have plagued the industry since the technology started gaining acceptance. These security issues, though widely communicated and understood, did surprisingly little to slow down the adoption of wireless technology by enterprises.

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To the Future

If it looks to you that nanobots and skycars are only for the sci-fi movies and serials and not for the real then you need to rethink about it. There are three disruptive technologies that are going to work as a single unit within a time period of five to ten years and this conglomeration will bring about a drastic change in our lifestyles and patterns of working.

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