Windows 7 Feature – Provides Better Customization of Notification Icons and Wallpapers

Windows 7 the latest version of Windows a Microsoft application needs to be providing better features that is what people around the world expect. After all, new should be better than the previous one. At least people expect that from Windows 7 after they are not comfortable with Windows Vista the previous version. Windows 7 has been a promising version with not many saying much negative about them. Here the features of Windows 7 customizing Notification Icons and Wallpaper for the display are discussed to show how these features are better and advanced in Windows 7

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Features In Windows 7 For Better Customized Taskbar, Desktop and Start Menu

Appearance wise Windows 7 GUI is very similar to Windows Vista when you look at it from a distance but on having a closer look you will realize that Windows 7 has improved GUI in a big way. Windows 7 has provided more power along with better customization. You can have better ways to keep frequently-used programs and files to use them easily. The procedures to use the power of windows 7 in the areas of Taskbar, Desktop and Start menu are as follows:

Using Live Thumbnails

The taskbar icons represent currently-running and pinned programs. The two ways by which you can know about icons representing currently-running programs are:

When you move mouse over an icon, each program’s live thumbnails are displayed. In case there are more windows open then live thumbnail of every open window can be seen. If you move your mouse over its thumbnail then full size program window’s preview can be seen. Double clicking its thumbnail will open the program window.

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Added Features Of Windows 7 On Desktop, Start Menu And Taskbar

The Windows 7 GUI if you look from a distance is similar to the previous version Windows Vista. It is on having closer look you realize that Windows 7 has done a big improvement by providing more power as well as customization and improved ways to open programs and files that are used number of times.

Gadgets – Getting Maximum out of them

Windows 7 just like Windows Vista has many desktop gadgets like customizable clock, mini Windows Media Player and RSS feed aggregator. Windows 7 does not keep desktop gadgets on the edge of the display at a fixed point rather it allows them to be placed any where on the display. Here is how you can place a gadget at a location on desktop where you desire with the display options you need.

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A Comprehensive Review of the New Windows 7

After the big disappointment in the release of Windows Vista, all users either stuck with the faulty product, or downgraded to the ever-dependable Windows XP. Vista promised much, but delivered little. With a poor performance from networking to gaming, Vista put a huge blight on Microsoft’s name. However, even with the presentation of a defective product, Vista still paved the way for some new features that came in handy in the development of Windows 7. One development was Vista’s objective to transfer core functionality from the nub of the computer to a user space, preventing instability in the computer system’s kernel.

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