About Google Chrome Operating System – Advantages

Google chrome is a new operating system that has been introduced by the Google. The Google has released this operating system as an “open source project as chromium operating system”. It is the reason that this operating system is developed with the cooperation of the community of open source. There are many advantages of using Google Chrome operating system.

The first advantage of the Google Chrome operating system is that this operating system is web-centric. All the programs as well as applications that you will use with this operating system will be only web applications. In this way, all the interaction that you will have with your computer will be only with the help of Google Chrome browser. Every application that you run on your computer will be run with browser and will run directly from internet. This operating system will give you rid of the conventional applications on your desktop. In this way, you will not be required to install any type of program on the computer. Neither you will be required to update these kinds of programs nor manage them.

Another benefit of the use of Google Chrome Operating system is that all your requirements on computer such as browsing the net, listening music, checking emails, watching videos, editing or creating any document and all other types of applications will be done through the Google Chrome browser. It is a fact that all the users of computer and internet spend about 90 % of the time in browser when they are using the computer. The tasks commonly performed are online chatting, checking emails, online shopping, watching videos and playing games. You can have direct access to all your favorite applications on the Google Chrome browser.

Another main feature of the Google Chrome operating system is that there will be no file saved on computer. Every file is saved on clouds only. That means that all files are saved on internet. It is called as cloud computing. All the advantages of cloud computing are in this way become part of the advantages of the Google Chrome operating system. For understanding cloud computing, you can take the example of your emails. All your emails are stored on web on email servers and you do not need to save them in your computer. Similarly the pictures are stored on the Flickr and the videos are stored on the you tube etc. in the same way all the files are saved on internet.

Major advantage of the Google Chrome operating system is its security features. All the applications are run directly through browser and this is the reason that the security benefits of this operating system are significantly high. In this way, it is different from the operating systems that are used traditionally. As the Google Chrome, operating system do not rely on the applications that are run on computer, and in this way it is more secure than the traditional operating systems. All the applications on this operating system are stored in security sandbox, and in this way, it is difficult for the viruses as well as malware to affect the computer. In this way, the computer is far more secure with the Google Chrome operating system then any other operating system.

Whenever you will start your computer, the Google Chrome operating system will verify integrity of the code of the operating system. If the operating system finds that, there has been some compromise in the security of the system then this operating system will fix the problem itself with the help of reboot. In this way, the security of the computer system is assured and you will be care free with the attack of viruses and malware on the computer system.

Another main and perhaps the biggest advantage of the Google Chrome operating system is its high speed. This operating system is run at very high speed and it will get started with in few seconds of the start of your computer. After a few seconds of turning on your computer, you will be able to do your work on the Google Chrome browser. All the processes that are unnecessary are removed and all the operations are optimized. Stress is laid on running majority of the processes on parallel. In this way, the speed of the system is very high when it is running on Google Chrome browser. With this operating system, the cost of computer will also decrease as it can run with smaller requirement of hard disk. There will be no expense on anti virus, software applications, anti-spy ware applications etc.

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