Mozilla Firefox 4 RC – The Most Stable Browser So Far

Most users of browser software prefer Mozilla Firefox. It has good features that enable you to access web pages fast. Above these, Firefox stores a great deal of information in the form of bookmarks for easy access. It even has the ability to open several pages at an instance depending on the strength of the network you are relying on.

Recently, to be precise on 9th March 2011 Mozilla unveiled a very superb product, Mozilla Firefox 4 RC. You will remember that before this, the corporation had made it very clear that it was not going to release any Beta models of the product after Firefox (4 BETA 12). Mozilla made the product for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is available in over seventy languages, making it a unique product.

Mozilla expects users of the software, who amount to millions to update their browsers to this new product. It is free for anyone who was using the Beta version of the browser. The corporation is still testing the features of the new browser and banks on the users of the product for feedback to make it even better. It has exceptional performance, increased stability and new features altogether. It has inbuilt HTML5 capabilities. If you were using the Beta version of the browser, you can download the RC free from the Corporations website.

The RC version is not the last version we expect from the corporation. Actually, it is the beginning of a new version of Firefox. With the efforts displayed, you can expect a more stable product from the company very soon. Even critics of today’s model of the browser will covet this high quality product. The only worrying fact is that the CEO stated that he would quit office once Mozilla rolls out the ultimate product. This could cost the corporation a lot.

Mozilla Firefox 4RC is a great browser and every user attests to that. The product enshrines all that the corporation had incorporated in the other versions but over it includes other features that make the browser well suited in today’s internet world.



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