Creepy – Creeps Everyone’s Location Out

A new and revolutionary application called Creepy has become a popular issue amongst all Twitter and Flickr users. It locates any user who has an account in these sites! And all you need to do to have a basic idea of where the user lives or stays is type in their account names. This application is described as a geolocation information aggregator as no confirmation is required from the account users to obtain their locations.

creepy26-year-old Yianis Kakavas who is also known as ilektrojohn in Twitter website created the application. The creation uses unique information to discover and show the location on Google Maps, Virtual Maps or Open Street Maps. The map provider can be selected manually. The technology uses the information from users IP to get information about the location where a certain post is from.

Creepy makes use of Coordinates and the names of places from their IP, which they used for a certain post. The EXIF is another key item that helps Creepy to get the location required. EXIF is an attribute of image files that when they are taken they record the place data of the image. And by taking in the EXIF from an image file Creepy can easily locate where the image was taken.

The Successes of Creepy are endless; Bill Gates was tracked in aLong Beachposition accurately through one tweet. The application has been successful in helping Stalkers as well. If Twitter users do their tweets from anywhere that reminds them of tweeting, their data would be easily revealed; data like where they usually go and places they like tweeting from.

Though the Application is still underdevelopment and its accuracy is questionable, the application can do a very good job of tracking. Also, the application makes use of legal data. People, who think that this is a breach of privacy, can be careful about their IP whilst tweeting and avoid uploading photos or even have their photos uploaded by someone else.

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