DiskLed Monitors Windows Activity



DiskLed is a monitoring tool of the activities running in your Windows platform and appears in the system tray and it flashes to show that there are processes running in the background.

There are other tools that perform like the DiskLed program however, DiskLed is not only limited to hard drive access only as other monitoring tools do but also monitors any Windows counter i.e. other running programs I the Windows platform. Therefore this ensures a user or owner keep tabs on the activities running. It can be configured from the system tray by right-clicking and then browse the Object list so that you can be able to monitor these activities. There are quite a number of activities that you can choose from. Let’s take an example of an object like processor; you are required to choose the CPU attribute you would wish to monitor and with this you can monitor the CPU cores thereby making the DiskLed program appear in the system tray highlighting chosen processor activity. Knowledge of running this program by the user makes it quite easy to check the systems performance be it the network use, USB activity and all other activities that are on your system. It doesn’t require administrator rights for it to run and more over it is portable, therefore it means you can use it anywhere.

Though DiskLed uses quite a bit of memory, about 7MB, as compared to other monitoring programs, it still stands out as the best. Therefore this means you don’t need to run the Windows Performance Monitor as the DiskLed is just on the system tray and is easily accessible. There are quite a number of monitoring tools though they are only limited to the work they are specified to do such Network Monitoring Tool, Broker Monitoring Tool and so on.

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