Modify Dates of Your Files With SKTimestamp

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Deciding on the date and time that you want the file to reflect as the day they were created, accessed or even modified is now easy with SKTimestamp. SKTimestamp let you find out files that were modified created or even accessed lastly and even modify the dates and time.

This program lets you find all this and even modify from your Explore. If you do not like facts about these details to be available to some people, then this is a program for you. Windows does not let you do this which might not be very good for some people. For instance, if you do not want your boss to find out that you finished a presentation in a hurry, you can easily modify dates using SKTimestamp. This innovative program adds a Timestamps to the tabs of an ordinary explorer. This makes it easy to use. All you need is to just select files that you want to modify. Then right click on one of them. Go to properties then Timestamps and modify the dates. You will be able to modify time when the document was lastly modified or accessed to any time or date you want. You can also check timestamps that you would like to modify. When you click on the touch icon, you will be able to update the timestamps to current time.

However, it is important to be careful when using SKTimestamps. This is because since Windows does not care, you are likely to experience some contradiction with other applications that use file timestamps logic. The contradiction can result from the fact that SKTimestamps does not restrict what one can do in deciding how a file should appear to have been created, modified or even lastly accessed. Nevertheless, this program presents an easy way of modifies timestamps with integration of touch utilities that are easy to use. It offers a lightweight and simple way of having a job done.

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