It Is Now Easy To Repair A Broken AVI File With The Use Of DivXRepair



The AVI file or videos are one of the most sensitive videos that we know. Almost everyone has experienced opening an AVI movie and getting a notification saying that the file is broken. DivXRepair is now available as a program that is expected to fix such files.

When an AVI file is broken, you will get a notification when you want to open it. You will also have the option to repair or not repair. If you have ever decided to repair, you might have waited and fallen asleep while waiting for it to repair using the internet. The DivXRepair is one program that will fix the broken AVI file easily and quickly. When you install the program and you have a broken file, all you have to do is launch the program, add the broken file and click repair. It will then work on its own to fix the broken file. The program will skip the bad frames in the movie and then fix the remaining frames. It will not delete the original broken file though. You will still have it in your computer system. There are however, some users who have complained that it does not work as expected. To some, the program did not repair anything at all. It left everything the same. Others explain that although it repaired the file, it caused a lot of hang ups. This just goes to show that the program still needs a lot of improvements in order to serve better.

You can however try it if you so wish. Most people opt to use the VLC Media Player to watch the broken AVI file but you can try this product. We are interested to see how they will improve it though. You can download it now on the internet and learn more about it on their web page.

Download DivXReapir

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