Online Privacy Is Now Guaranteed With The Release Of Spotflux



Spotflux software has now been released with the major aim of enhancing online privacy. It promises to be an amazingly helpful program because it offers numerous VPN technologies.

Maintaining online privacy is becoming crucial as the need to keep confidential information from prying eyes. For instance as more and more business transactions go online there is an increased need to have secure remote access to corporate resources. Secure access to business networks is useful to homeowners, marketers, sales representatives and other business partners in the global market place. The most efficient and cost effective way of fulfilling remote access requirements  involves the use of secure Virtual Private Networks  (VPNs). Such networks allow for the transmission of encrypted data over public networks such as the internet. Due to the numerous virtual private networks (VPN) technologies available, it might be very challenging to choose any one service. This is especially difficult for some one with limited experience on the setting up and use of such technologies. With Spotflux you need no worry about this.

The VPN service offered by Spotflux includes data encryption, adware blocking and antivirus functions. This are just some of the functions which make the easily configurable program quite the must have. To make use of Spotflux, download the program from its home page. By simply typing the name Spotflux on Google you get should a number of reliable sites with a download link for the program. One you have the program launch the client. The client will take you through a simple set up process. On completion of the setup the program will start encryption data from your connection. The program conceals your location by giving your connection a public facing IP. This will allow for the redirecting of your data through Spotflux servers. By passing through the servers, ads, cookies, viruses and malware will be stripped. The program is extremely easy to use. You simply activate and deactivate Spotflux with a single click; you can set the UI language and define how updates are installed as well as configuring a proxy. The only shortcoming with the program is the slight delay when browsing. Still the Spotflux is a program worth having.

Download Spotflux

Download Spotflux for Mac


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