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When surfing on the web you are bound to come across articles that have an interesting or catchy title. However as is usually in such situations, you never have time to read them. Book marking the page only reminds you of the other countless bookmarks you’ve never remembered to return to. If you are a person who goes through this every time you surf the net, then a savior is here. A useful piece of software referred to as Pocket has been launched to make things easier.

Pocket is the re-launch of the online resource Read It Later.  The resource allows you to save articles that you may discover on the net in an online account. This allows you to read the articles when you have some time to spare. The re-branding has introduced new features to the application which includes a redesigned user interface.

The new user interface bares a metro-inspired look and is very neat and precise. This is shown in the ability to view the content from a clipped article without additional and irrelevant web content. Pocket offers support for a wide range of applications and browser extensions.

Pocket allows you to save links, to bookmark pages and to save images and video. The content can be saved using a browser extension, a dedicated iOS or Android apps. Once saved, the content can be accessed later via a device that has an internet connection. The links, bookmarks and media are synched to your online account for easy access. To make it easier to sort out the stuff you have saved Pocket offers the option of filtering the content according to type. It also offers the ability to home in on a particular item based on its title or on the URL it was downloaded from. A free copy of the application can be downloaded from the Pocket review page with extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome.

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