Affixa Is Launched To Make It Easier Switching To Web Based Email Providers



It has always been a headache to switch to a web based email provider especially when your desktop is not cottoned on it. These are providers such as Gmail and Yahoo. It is now easy to do this with the new Affixa program.

Sometimes, it just becomes difficult to click an email link on a web page. Worse, it may also seem difficult to attach a particular file to an email especially when doing it directly from a different program. You may end up attaching a wrong file or opening an unwanted file. The free software program has come in handy to save users from this predicament. The major problem has always been the fact that these web based emails are not compatible with the API/MAPI protocols in order to communicate with other programs like Word. Affixa is a program that acts as MAPI interface. It is able to intercept calls from programs. In this way, these intercepted calls are later directed to the supported webmail clients such as Gmail and Yahoo.

The free version of the Affixa program is now available but for non commercial purposes only. Moreover, you can only use it with one client. The good news is that the version is better and more beneficial because it includes an attachment basket. This enables you to drag and drop many files coming from various sources into a single place. You have the chance to perform this before attaching them to a single email. There is also the provision of a limited drop service. This makes it possible to store files online of up to 100 MB for a period of one month. This can be done when the file attachment has surpassed the permitted size by the webmail provider. If users opt to part with the required payment for the annual subscription, there are more goodies to enjoy. You will be able to enjoy multiple accounts and a better drop box service.

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