Chrome 19 Arrives With Tab Syncing

Chrome 19
Chrome 19

Chrome 19

Google has once again confirmed it can earn greatness simply by merit. This is through the release of a web browser called Chrome 19. Despite the fact that there are many web browsers, this one from Google promises to be better with elaborate features.

Chrome 19 is not just an ordinary browser. It is equipped with tab syncing features. This is just but an attempt to catch up with fire fox. The net release shares a lot of similarities with Mozilla and Firefox. Whenever a user signs in to the Google account, all the tabs he/she has opened are synced automatically to the cloud. This means that you can switch to a different computer and still be able to access the tabs you had earlier opened on a different machine. The only thing you are required to do is open the other device menu of the new top page. This feature is compatible with almost all the versions of Chrome. It really does not matter if you are using Windows, Linux, OS X or Android. For instance, it is possible to be working on a project in the office and later proceed home with the work on a different computer. You do not have to hustle by remembering the names of the sites you had opened. Clearly, it is an easy to use browser that fits into the shoes of a modern worker. Chrome 19 does not need you to email yourself links or write them down. You can change computers and still have the same tabs making it easy to pick up where you had left.

Tab syncing is obviously great and helpful to many. You can also use it to synchronize browsing history, themes, bookmarks and app settings. The same case applies to browser extensions. In the end, this is going to ensure that there is uniform browsing irrespective of the computer you use. Chrome 19 is definitely better.

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