It Is Now Possible To Have Bloatless Photo editing With The New Pixelitor Tool



Pixelitor has been launched as a rich and more enabled photo editing tool. It is a java based editing tool that comes with the vital and necessary filtering functionalities.

It is no secret that there have been a lot of image editors. However, one thing has always remained similar more so in the filters aspect. It has always been a matter of a simple sharpens or emboss tool. There is good news with the latest launch of the Pixelitor which comes with a very compact size. As a matter of fact, the whole of the program has been squeezed in a single 1.04MB JAR file. The program has proved the assumptions that critics have been made about it concerning the small size to be wrong. For starters, the user is required to begin by clicking on the blur or sharpen and the blur options will emerge. These options include Motion, Zoom, lens and Box. All these options can then be tweaked into various ways. For instance, if you opt for the lens blur, you will be able to adjust to the right radius and the right side of the aperture. Also, you can achieve a high sharpening option and adjust the bloom factor. There also comes a time when users may not be aware of the meaning of certain settings. By adjusting the randomize button, the preview windows will definitely show the results hence unraveling the mystery.

There are plenty of good features and possibilities included in this new editing tool. For example, it is equipped with distortion filter tools making it easy for the user to apply wave effects to images. Moreover, everything is configurable and easy for any one user. Apart from this, there are noise reduction tools, photo collages and effective fancy lighting effects. The inclusion of tools to enable users tweak colors, brightness and other levels comes as good news for users. There are also other basic tools such as paints and brushes.

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