The New Blat Program Is Now Available To Help You Monitor Your PC Events



Blat has recently been launched as a simple command tool but offers a lot of options for users to monitor their PCs and know more about various event notifications.

Sometimes it becomes almost impossible for you be around the computer all the time. Therefore, it may be difficult to get the updates about the PC new key events. As usual, it is always advisable to know what and which program has started. It is equally crucial to identify the programs that have ended and the when the entire system closes or restarts. There are back up programs in place that can alert the user and tell them when a certain task has been completed. For example, there is windows task scheduler that can let you know if the events happening by sending emails. However, if the user needs more accurate updates, or if he/she is not satisfied with the existing programs, Blat is more reliable. It comes as a command tool that accords the user a chance to send emails from scripts and batch files. Blat is usually set by core email details. The only thing the user is required to do is run the program at the command line in order to display the necessary settings.

In order to proceed to the next step, the user ought to replace his address with the sending address. Creating a plain text file with the content of the email you would wish to send becomes easy. Blat is a program that can only transmit the files content but does not send it in attachment form. This is why you only have to create strictly texts that are in plain form. After this, give the text the name by saving it in the same folder as Blat. When the emails are sent in a correct form, you can opt to start building the program into your own scripts.

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