Use TweakNow DriveShortcut To Display Disks On Windows Desktop

Tweaknow DriveShortcut

If you are a user of OS X or Linux, there is usually a desktop icon the moment you plug in an external drive or any form of optical disc. The TweakNow DriveShortcut is a simple but useful feature that makes it easy to bring the same features to windows.

This is simply a great alternative that will enable you to access drives only when you want them. It is better than when you have all the contents being displayed all the time you put insertions. Through the program, it is possible to create desktop shortcuts for the CDs and DVDs when you insert them. Alternatively, you can also use the program to automatically create shortcuts for other useful USB drives. This is a useful program that can operate by running in the background of the system. It monitors the Pc incase there is a new drive installed or introduced. It is good to know that this includes removable hard drives and other network drives. It is advisable to use the same location for individual icons if you want to have an easy time when trying to locate the shortcut icons. Even more importantly, this program is more advantageous because it can set to start with windows without having to launch it manually.

Needless to say, the program provides the most practical way of disabling and enabling shortcuts. Apart from this, it also acts as a removable form of media for the computer. There is no doubt that this is a useful utility that comes as a very interesting feature to windows. If you want to know more about the TweakNow DriveShortcut app, log to their review page where there is more information especially from previous users.  This is also the same place where you can download a free copy of the app as a trial version.

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