Upgrade Your PC With The MenuBarFilter Software



Macs have a uniform look when it comes to their make unlike the windows computers which tend to differ. Moreover, one gets an opportunity of choosing a new background image or moving the dock around the screen. Such features rarely exist in windows; in fact they do not exist at all. The introduction of the new menubarfilter software tool is meant to solve such issues to all windows users. MenuBarFilter tool is free of charge and allows optimum customization of the menu bar to OSX. Acquiring the tool is as easy as unzipping it and copying the software to your applications. Once you have copied the tool into your applications, you can easily add it to your list of log in programs. This eliminates the silvery grey with black text look of your menu bar. This offers a total transformation on your background especially with the light text on the dark background which comes out in an exceptional manner.

The new look is not only appealing due to the fact that OSX undergoes a complete makeover but also the fact that the look is easier to the eye and minimizes destructions at the same time. MenuBarFilter ensures that the menu bar stops being destruction to users. The dark color appears cool and more appealing especially when it blends with the natural color of the monitor. Whatever reasons you might have in mind for installing the software, you can rest assured that it will be of great help and benefit on your side. You can easily download the menubarfilter software free of charge online. It is important to set it as you log in program or better still add it in your list of log in programs.try it out and experience total change on your windows desktop.

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