ACD Systems Announces The Release Of ACDSee Free


A new image viewer that is easy to use and produces better results has been launched. ACDSee Free now comes as a speedy image viewer.

ACD systems has termed the release of the new image viewer as speedy and user friendly. The good news is the fact that this program has the ability to support images in different formats.  Apart from BMP, the program can also support formats such as GIF, JPEG, TGA, PCX and WMF. Importantly, the program is also fast compared to its predecessors. It can load as well as display images at a very high speed. There are also a lot of image viewing options from the program the moment the user opens it. The zoom controls are simply amazing and will no doubt be the most appealing if feature of the program. The users will now be able to rotate images and still have the option of setting them as wall papers. The image can also be deleted or saved in a file as a different format.  The options are many because exports such as JPEG, PCX, TIFF, BMP and WBMP are supported.

Printing has been enhanced and it is now stronger. The program makes it possible to print an image to the preference of the user. The image can be printed to a required standard size. The filter can be effectively controlled and used. It is no secret that this program is going to significantly change image viewing. The fact that it can tweak image gamma and control its position makes it the best.  It will also be possible to add custom headers and footer texts to the images. If you want to take control of the aspect ration and rotate the image fully, the program makes it possible. ACDSee Free also comes with a dialog option that can hide selected settings. In this way, the user can be able to keep and set aside the viewing window from the others. Even though it is still a Basic viewer, the program has already bee proved to be not only fast but easy to use.

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