Paragon Software Announces The Release Of Image Back Up For Windows 8

Paragon Image Backup

Image backup for windows 8 has been released by Paragon software. It comes as one of the best backup tools that can support resilient file system, a new Microsoft program.

The back up tool is very beneficial because it is able to run on server 2012 as well as windows 8. Despite sharing a lot of similarities with recent paragon backup products, the new release is better and more efficient. It boasts of good front end menu. This is a clear indication that getting to the features you want will not be an uphill task. It is also noticeable that the new Image back up tool is independent of other free tools from paragon. For instance, it operates free from full programs. The user is able to get everything because the tool can pint easily to its 4 main wizards. In addition, there are also adequate configuration options that make it easy to use the tool For instance, the availability of filters can help to define the exact thing you want to back up. The most amazing display is the fact that this back up tool now enables users to back up locked files. This is possible because of the support for VSS.  Snoopers will now find it difficult to access your archive because the program allows users to protect your password.

The new image back up for windows 8 allows users to track full control of the compression level of their archives. They also have the option of dividing the compression level of the files into equal sizes. There are a lot of options to do with the backup. It can be written on any network drive. The other alternative is to copy it burned DVD or CD. This mage backup tool is advantageous because it allows users to restore individual files. There is no doubt that this is the best freeware backup tool that ahs full support for windows 8.

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