Eassos PartitionGuru Free – A Perfect Way To Keep Your Hard Drive In Great Shape

Eassos PartitionGuru

It is worth noting that most tools concentrate on undeleting files or documents only. The introduction of the Eassos PartitionGuru Free does more than just the undeleting function. This program recovers anything from entire partitions to individual files. This is indeed an advantage to users who want more than just the undeleting option.

This program also comes with additional features which are of utmost benefit. While in operation the free edition of this program has restrictions that come with its operations. Perfect example is the fact that it cannot recover data on USB keys, regular drives which does not support 512-byte sectors and data on USB keys. If these features do not affect you or your operations in any way, then this is the best program that you need to have. Considering the fact it comes with interesting and unique functionality, obtaining this new program will of great benefit on your side.

One of the most important features that come with the program is its ability to open up with a straightforward text-based interface. This shows the details of drives on the left together with details of the selected part on the right. As much as it might not sound as perfect as such, it still performs the job excellently. However you can still click on analyze to view the way files have been distributed on the present partition. Whenever you delete files accidentally, you can easily recover them by clicking on the file recovery option. The program will look for remnants of documents that could have been deleted accidentally. Partition recovery is therefore perfect. This program further provides excellent backup options. All these features can be done on both windows and DOS. With a lot of additional functions, this program can fit a technical PC user.

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