Microsoft Releases A Better Version Of Attack Surface Analyzer

Attack Surface Analyzer

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of Attack Surface Analyzer. The new tool has been equipped with necessary features that will enable it to underline security weakness. These are problems that arise as a result of the use or installation of an application on Windows 7 PC.

Just like the previous builds, this program is easy to use. Installing a new application is easy and if you want to run a different scan, the program will be able to notify you of the changes. There will be updates about loaded modules, services, network connections and new processes. Among the many professions who are going to benefit include system administrators, developers and other users. If you install a new program even as a test to Windows 7 PC, The analyzer will detect and let you know the usefulness of the new entity. If you will not be able to understand the explanations given, the explain link for more clarifications. The report produced is more specific and it lists everything that is security related. There are more updates on the network connections as well as new process that are currently running.

The Attack Surface Analyzer is obviously a useful tool for any computer user. It can help you to comprehend more about the configuration of your PC. The analyzer has been equipped with all the features that will make PC users understand the change in the design and pattern of the PC. It all starts by running a baseline scan on the known point. After this, the Analyzer will begin to highlight and show the important modifications. The good news is that the Attack Surface analyzer has been tested and safe for any computer. Installation and general use is very easy and simple. All the updates you need will be available and they are easy to interpret.

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