The Release Of Gadwin Printscreen

Gadwin Printscreen

A new screen capturing power has been released. Gadwin PrintScreen is easy to use and comes with a good set up for basic functions. The good advantage is the fact that this tool is not only lightweight but also easy to use.

The use of the standard Print screen for windows has been very basic. In most cases, it has not been up to the task. The introduction of third party capture tools such as the Gadwin PrintScreen comes with better features and sophisticated options. If you need screen capturing that is more straightforward, this is a better option. The core features of the program are simply unmatchable. It has the ability to capture a rectangular area as well as a full screen. You can then send this to a printer or a clipboard. Saving is easy because it can be done in many formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF. If by any mistake you activate the program incorrectly, it is possible to select an alternative hotkey that you prefer. Processing the captures is easy and can be done in useful ways. The program is easy to use because it can be resized and the user also has the option of converting it into grey scale. Through the stamp option, it is possible to add custom texts to the grab. For instance, the user can add his or her name, or the date and time.

The Gadwin PrintScreen also offers the user a unique opportunity to add shadows to the image. With more implementations to come, there is no doubt that this is going to be a very useful program. The only disadvantage is the fact that this program does not have the options of custom annotation. The options are reserved for the commercial version of the program. Gadwin PrintScreen is lightweight given the fact that it is able to consume as little as 4Mb of RAM. As long as you are using windows 98 upwards, you are free to use this program.

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