Screen Printing Has Now Been Made Easier With The Launch Of HardCopy


HardCopy is a new app that has been released with the ability and capacity to print out the entire desktop. The app can also be able to print an active window paper.

HardCopy is a simple app but arguably the best. The fact that it is simple does not mean there is questionable functionality. It is a reloaded app that can be able to fill voids that even the user was not aware of their existence. The program has additional features that even users do not know if they need them. HardCopy now has better updates and it is compatible with Windows 8. The most amazing display of the app is the simple yet refreshing functionality. Pressing the print screen key is all you need to do in order to print your desktop. It is also possible to print an active window by simply pressing a green icon which appears when a particular window is in focus. Apart from the printing of active windows and the desktop, there are several options that the app offers. The editing window provides more conceivable functions. There are adequate editing features that will be able to cover all the bases.  The image capturing features of the app are simply amazing. For instance, the user can decide to grab the rectangular sections of the screen or simply go for specific objects on the screen. If you want to pull bitmaps or icons out of a particular epigram or files, the use of this app is very effective. Saving the files is now possible and can be done in different formats.

With the use of HardCopy, it will be possible to put different image files or screen grabs into one group and print them as a single batch. The vast availability of editing features is unmatchable. For instance, the use can correct or change the colors. There is also room for correcting of filters and effects. Indeed, this is a top notch tool that can take care of all the needs of a screen printer.

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