You Can Now Use More Than One Screen Using The New MultiMonitorTool


A new tool that enables one to work on more than one screen has been released. NirSoft has announced the launch of MultiMonitorTool.

The tool enables users to handle the monitor as they multi task different things. Most of the Nirsoft utilities usually don’t involve any installation and this particular tool is no exception. There is no need to include any unwanted extras as well as adware. The only thing you are required to do is to download and unzip the program. Because the file is under 200KB, it is bound to consume less space. After launching, the program will be in a position to display a 2 panel interface. There are application windows displayed at the lower panel. The user has the privilege of carrying out any action on any object. This can be easily done by right clicking it and consequently browsing the menu that will show up.

Right clicking a monitor will definitely open the door for more options. For instance, there are going to be options to disable or enable the monitor. This is an action that will pave the way for setting the monitor as the primary display. The amazing display is thee fact that it is possible to switch between monitors. A group of windows can be moved to the primary monitor as long as they are on the lower panel. One further click will be able to move them to the primary monitor. There is no doubt that MultiMonitorTool is going to curve a notable niche for itself especially because of the command line interface. The interface allows users to disable or enable monitors. It also becomes easy to move application windows. Another important feature and advantage to users goes to users who are already contented with their current setup. They can be able to save their monitor’s configuration using the program.

Download MultiMonitorTool

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