Skype 5.11 Gains Better Control!!!

Skype 5.11

Ever since Skype is eaten by Microsoft, the industry experts been counting on some major changes with its features. The new Skype 5.11 is released as beta version for Windows to have better synchronization with other Microsoft products and services.

According to a recent news spreading about Skype 5.11, users will have better integration experience for Microsoft, Facebook and the brand itself. If you have account with all three of them you can easily use one logging details to sign on to Skype. In fact, the program is nearly to get a robust adjective before its name as promises said that it will keep you posted with last minute update from Skype users and Facebook friends without getting slow or hung.

All that a Skype user needs to do to inter link his Facebook or Microsoft accounts together with Skype account is log into Skype  using other account details and then accept to link them together. It is all the same for new users. You will get option for linking Facebook account to get a new Skype account. The system will prompt for a quick network search. This will highlight the friends you have on your network who are also using Skype. You will then receive the chance to stay better connected across multiple programs.

While the Skype 5.11’s release was proclaimed for its designing dynamics and rather simplified functions, untaging certain options from the setting will still keep it prettier. This comes as an argument against some calls for the Skype 5.11 being clutter looked. You can reorganize your user counter and contacts list with ease.

The new version also made it possible to switch between your profiles including individual customization features. You can switch between your profiles and also get the profile pictures changed along with the jump. However, you need to ensure the all the profile pictures are inside of the profile picture folder.

Another significant change that Skype 5.11 has received is that it can now support more language. A total of 6 new language is supported primarily Thai, Slovak, Catalan, Serbian, Slovenian, Croatian. The new version has also resolved the telemetry issue for error reporting. It is improved now and better.

The Skype 5.11 is available as freeware for download on Windows OSs. You can also get the Mac, iPad and iPhone versions according to your choice.

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