Adobe To Release The New Adobe Reader XI

Adobe Reader XI

Adobe has announced its intention to release Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat XI. These are tools that can be able to read as well as create PDF files in a simple manner.

The new tools are a clear version of the previous ones but they are equipped with better features and more captivating additions. The new Adobe Reader XI is more appealing because it offers annotation and drawing capabilities to a greater extend. Apart from file attachments, there are also audio recordings and sticky notes. Even more importantly, there is for support that gives the user a simple way of signing and sending PDF forms. It is also a better tool because if the inclusion of more security features. The reader is run in a different desktop so that it is more isolated from the entire system. The protection mode is even better because it is able to prevent the theft of data especially when it I more confidential.

The reader is potentially beneficial to users because it allows easy access to online conversion services of PDF files. This simply means that with the use of the reader, it will be possible to convert different types of files to PDF versions. The PDF versions will include JPEG, word, Excel and many more. In addition, the PDF files can also be reconverted into other office formats. There are also more features included to make the tool more tablet friendly and modern. The same case applies to Adobe Acrobat Xi because it has various   improvements in similar areas. For instance, editing has been made easier because of the presence of edit and image tools. Another equally significant feature found in the Acrobat Xi is the FormsCentral application. If properly utilized, it will make it possible to create forms. As a matter of fact, Importing and the creation of files is more straight-forward. It is a tool that promises to make it easy for users who are dealing with electronic signatures.

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