JdiskReport Is Here To Help You Create Free Disk Space


JDiskReport has been released as a better tool use in cleaning the hard drive so as to free space. It can be used to remove logs and remnants of temporary files.

The tool is able to analyze the files the moment it is pointed to the folder tree. The use of the program makes it easy to understand what fills the hard drive and makes the device slow in performance. It acts fast in deleting left over files and logs. After pointing the program towards the folder tree, it is able to bring a report that will bring a clear picture of your system. There will also be a pie chat that will emphasize and show the exact folders that are taking up alto of space. The program is more reliable than other disc cleaner because it can informatively reveal everything.

Clicking on the folder will bring down a level and this is a process that needs to be done and repeated 3 times. After this, you will be able to know the exact user or folder that tops the charts. There are also plenty of substitute and optional views on the system to select. Once the user clicks on the top 50 files/folders, he or she will be able to know the files that have been recently modified. It will also be possible to know the type of files that are dominating and taking alto of the disk space. Once you have spotted a file that is among the top largest in the list of 50, it will be an easy task to delete it. The program also functions by opening a window and from there it will be easy for you wipe the unwanted files that are consuming the disk space. With it, it is possible to know the status of all he useful data in your hard disk. In the end, it will be easy to know how the space on your hard drive has been used.

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