Comodo Group Launches Internet Security Premium 2013

Comodo Internet Security Premium 2013

A more quick and reliable Internet Security Premium 2013 has been introduced. Announcing the release, Comodo group has assured users of not only a brighter product but also one that is colorful and user friendly. The new package is easy to use and will obviously be friendlier to beginners.

Generally, the new package is better in comparison to the predecessors. Users will be in a position to navigate easily and also be able to enjoy more helpful features. For instance, the new Internet Security Premium 2013 can update and scan directly from the display. Above all, the sandboxing has been improved and is more dependable. It will be easier for users to access most of the popular websites and essential services such as you tube and hotmail.

According to Comodo, the new product allows users to be able to use routine virtualization for most of the applications that are unknown. The only thing that the user is required to do is perform the set up first before executing the process. It is a simple task because it involves the use of advanced settings that are user friendly. It promises to be a reliable suite because it comes with more security features from Comodo. For instance, there are good systems monitoring technology incorporated. These are systems that will come in handy to help protect the computer against malware and other viruses. Dragon has been included to enhance the security during browsing as well as provide remote support. All these extras have been included but the suite remains light and fast. The preliminary and opening scans are fast and the system checks much reliable. Unlike the other packages, this one promises to be fast with reduced bugs. The Internet Security Premium 2013 is predictably a better package especially when compared to the other similar packages.

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