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Try the all new application the ExamDiff that make comparing two files easier than ever before. Ever since the adoption of computer aided learning system, students and academicians found it difficult to fight plagiarism. With the introduction of ExamDiff that problem gets eliminated now. While DOS1.0 COMP has been a strong feature for such comparison for decades, it had been reported for limitations over time. Especially the tool did not work well when two or more different web content were set for comparison from their HTML destination. EmaxDiff has eliminated that problem too. It can compare text files, binary ones, directory as well as other content sources.

We recommend the program for comparison side by side display system. You can add, delete and even highlight the changes with the ExamDiff. Scroll the files down manually or navigate to a specific section of the content, ExamDiff makes comparison easy. The automatic comparison feature of the application brings out the compelling differences between two large files to make your tweaking and reviewing work fast! If that tweaking is something you p

refer to re-review, then ask the program. It will assess the changes and might suggest you to go for more comparison to reach the uniqueness.

The program has handful of configuration and customization settings. You can change the editor function tools color for appearance and

You also get a useful set of configuration options, which cover everything from your preferred colors for highlighting particular changes, to how the comparison process works itself (you might choose to ignore case, ignore trailing white space, and more).

There’s even a command line interface which makes it easy to automate particular comparison operations.

And all of this comes from a program which is portable, ultra-lightweight (a 575KB executable), and runs just about anywhere (the authors say it works on anything from Windows 95 upwards).

Okay, it’s true, there’s still a place for the humble COMP command, as that also works with binary files. But if you’re looking to compare text-based documents, then ExamDiff delivers plenty of power while remaining lightweight and extremely easy to use.

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