Effective File Search Is Launched For Quick File Searching

Effective File Search

Effective file search is a new windows search tool that can help you locate the specific files you want within the shortest time possible.  Users are only required to select the particular folder they are searching for.

Effective file search is an exceptional tool that can filter the options by date and the size of the file. One does not have to enter the texts that are contained in the file in order to find it. The program is unique and different from the rest because it offers in depth search that can locate any type of file within a short time. Users also have the privilege to check the liens of particular texts or simply enter a phrase search. Effective file search has been equipped with the necessary features that enable it to search for individual words that are located in a particular file. It is a clear indication that you locate almost anything you want within a very short time. The program is different from its predecessors as well as competitors because it can locate Unicode strings and also run other sensitive searches. The good advantage is the fact that it comes with full compatibility with regular expressions.


There is a lot incorporated in the date filter of the program. Its versatility is evident because it can file just about anything you need. Rightly so, it is possible to look for files based on the way they were created or how they have been modified. Last access dates can also help you to get the specific files that you are looking for. It all depends on your needs and the kind of file that you need.  Effective file search also gives the possibility of extending the basic files.  This eliminates the need to enter a single parameter when you are searching for your particular file. You can look for files that have the specific keywords you are looking for.

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