Time-Lapse Videos Are Added With Pans And Zooms By Panolapse


Using time-lapse images is a great way for capturing movement in countryside, cities, sky and more. But if there is a small issue you will find that view point goes static. The camera will be fixed and the world will move around it.

The free tool of Panolapse is able to change all these through the addition of zoom effects and custom panning. This is not the flat movement you get with your video editor. Perspective correction is used by Panolapse to produce results that are more realistic so as to bring about the effect of your camera moving around while capturing a scene.

You could try doing this yourself. There is the Vimeo collection of examples for you to find how it works.

You need to import images first to try this. The program accepts only numbered JPG images.

You could specify the starting point and the end on Pitch, roll and yaw. You could either enter figures or click and drag them using mouse.

Settings will not be important in the beginning. There is the slider to make preview. You could drag it from start to end and do the adjustments.

You could add a zoom factor also into the video. Checking “Enable zoom animation” and moving the slider to end point then spinning mouse wheel to set the necessary level of zoom will do the job.

When you get satisfactory results “Export frames” should be clicked for the program to calculate the right resolution it could support. This way you could export the time-lapse of yours as JPEG images, MP4 or MOV images. You also could render your images to share.

The only restriction of free Panolapse edition will be noticed at export stage. Its resolution for saved images is only 1280 X 720. In case you want it to be more, you need to buy the license. With a 25% discount you get during its launch it will cost you $64.95.

Download Panolapse

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