All Your Cloud Storage Files Could Be Easily Encrypted With Cryptsync


It is convenient to store your important files online but there is a security risk to manage when you do so. Though encryption is offered by the cloud service of yours there is no guarantee that no one is able to steal your password. If that happens, your data will get exposed.

The best way to maintain privacy of your files is to encrypt them before you do the uploading. Since this will provide extra protection no attacker will be able to look at your files. When you use open source software of CryptSync your problem will be solved and the software will do the job almost automatically.

The program sets up folders in pairs. A source folder will have your files in the unencrypted version and the destination folder will have the encrypted files. Any files you store in the source folder will be encrypted using 7-Zip and then synced to the destination file for uploading to the web.

The synchronization works on either way. If a file in the encrypted folder is changed CryptSync will create its unencrypted version in the source folder. Though it is the default setting you could change it if you want. Then you will mirror contents of one to the other folder.

However, it is obvious that there are complications. In case the cloud files of yours are encrypted you won’t be able to access them with any browser or a device. You will need a device to do the decryption.

When you use CryptSync it is not a must for you to encrypt all your files that will go online. While the program could be used for encrypting your important files, your media files could be left without being encrypted. This will allow you to stream music though you may find it difficult to use other files.

All things considered, CryptSync provides you with extra protection which also is automatic to a great extent. As such, if you are serious about the privacy of your cloud storage files you may consider using this program.

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