Create Internet Video In A Simple Way With Easyflv Web Video Encoder

EasyFLV Web Video Encoder

Conversion of videos into a web-friendly format is not such a difficult task as there are many different transcording tools. These could import source movies and convert them to WEBM or FLV format.

If you are one who does conversion of videos frequently a specialist tool such as EasyFLV Web Video Encorder could be useful. It is easy to use and has some extras that could save time.

Its interface is straightforward and has all options in one dialog. When you select your video and click on “Start Encoding” it will start the job.

You need to fine tune things with EasyFLV Web Video Encorder but it is a simple program that offers only the essential options.

Some bonus options are there with this program. It could export MP4, FLV and WEBM videos but it is not necessary to choose one. When you check all three check boxes you will get your video in all three formats.

In order to customize your video you could add a watermark on your video also with EasyFLV Web Video Encoder.

In case you like to have a still image to show the content of your video you could use any frame and not only the first one. It will be saved in JPG.

You can save a “profile” with any combination in order to reload later. If you want to encode different videos in different ways you only need to open the right profile. No need to reconfigure the program.

The program also has a “built-in moov atom fixer for MP4 to help you to get the moov atoms streamed on the web which are placed at the end of MP 4 files.

EasyFLV Web Video Encoder is a weak program. Only three output formats are there, and you have little control on the finished results.

If you want videos created for the web EasyFLV Web Video Encorder is good for you as you won’t suffer penalties or any problems with your computer. It will also help you save time.

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