HexDive – Scanning Strings of Binary Files


A common problem that is often present with regard to text is that it can be challenging when the contents are scattered over various pages filled with binary garbage. However, the free kind and interactive tool- HexDive would easily assist you in searching and showing most of the unique strings even though other things are ignored.

The problem starts when you see some kind of mystery which gets executed on the PC. You get confused and would be trying to find out what it is and there would be a certain doubt in your mind whether it is a malware. Naturally, you would check out the Property Dialog of the file and look for the name online and sometimes it may not be fruitful.

A common step with regard to using the HexDive is that you can easily open the editor. So, if the file is not packed in a proper manner, then chances are there that you would find some strings (meaningful one)  like URL, company name, registry key, prompt, etc that would provide a great amount of information related to purpose and origins.

Now if you have tried to analyze the executables, then this can be a familiar idea as there would be similar programs present. Basically, such tools would scan and check out the binary files and try to give out the lengthy kind of strings which are in printable character. This does a good job byt there are plenty of junks which will be present with the valuable data.

In addition, what makes HexDive a smarter tool is that it has a built-in dictionary which has got plenty of keywords (making its size to about 18.4 MB) and it would get displayed as default when there is a match. If you run certain commands like hdive file.exe or try any other command at the view result option, you can easily send some data to the clipboard.

Of course, the extra type of intelligence can save a lot of hassle and time, however, one can feel that there is a slight possibility of the HexDive giving something significant. Luckily, the developers of this tool have given additional switches, which are quite similar to the hdive-a file data or exe so that all the strings can be shown within the file.

Most people like the hdive-c file data or exe which can easily show what keywords are detected and which are within the context. So, if you really want to analyze the executes of the HexDive tool then you can ensure that there is no chance in missing any kind of significant factors.

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