Textarea Cache – An Interactive Tool For Saving Your Website Text

Textarea Cache

It is common among all of us. We must have spend countless time on developing our website, stuck in deep thoughts, working and checking out the lengthy forums or post, similar kinds of text, when the unexpected happens. Your browser windows closes and you lose all the contents. It may cause a lot of angry for you and it is high time that you install the Textarea Cache.

The Textarea Cache is a free and easy to use Firefox addon which can save a lot of contents present in the text field either locally and as you type, it would make it ready for one within seconds. The extensions present won’t simply add any kind of icon on to the  toolbar (i.e. by default) and it is a good decision which you won’t often use all the time.

However, when it starts to work fast, and when the text box is typed with the words, the browser is closed and once restarted you need to click on the option called “Open Cache Window” which is present in the option dialog box of the Textarea. In that our words are often displayed for copying and even pasting it.

One thing that you need to do is that the last entered data won’t get saved, either in the Textarea Cache or other kinds of cache (which is adjustable kind) that can be hold. Now this could be quite helpful in various kinds of situations, and perhaps you should have filled up the feedback form in the company’s website and once you have realized that you can simply keep the copy to yourself.

Basically, saving such kind of data might present a great amount of privacy risk and something developers can be provided with a lot of settings. So, by default, the Textarea Cache can never save the text and data in the Private Window. In addition, you can even inform the add on and make sure not to save any kind of text on various types of sites thereby adding such contents to the Exception list.

One thing that most of users need to keep in mind is that scope for any kind of personal information could leak and the Textarea Cache won’t be a good choice for such system especially when there are various users. However, that is not the main concern for most of the add-on which are saved for some time and that too hassle free.

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