Newly launched application to remove unknown malware

Ultimate Virus Sniffer

Malware could disrupt your system especially if you run, download or access it. But in most cases, your antivirus could detect it and remove it for you without causing any major destruction. Getting rid of new threats can be difficult for certain people. But if you are a Windows expert and having a copy of Ultimate Virus Sniffer, then you are safe and can be relieved.

This program is available free and it could run on Windows 2000 up. It is portable too and you could use it anytime.  You could start by unzipping the file and running Start.exe file and in a minute you could be displayed with a list of files that could be suspected. But this form of scanning cannot be completely dependable as it using very basic features and not a virus database. It could ring false alarms and so we cannot depend on it completely.

The new application Ultimate Virus Sniffer is very much interesting especially when you explore the offers that are available. You could be listed with different processes, modules that are loaded, Windows services, network adapters, start up programs, scheduled tasks, processes that does not have visible windows and much more.

The presentation of this application is very poor but it does cover up with his long menus. On right clicking the process, you could find options that are needed to open the folder.

On browsing the rest of the menus could give even more detail features. The program could even detect modules that are hidden, search for data stream files, restore the Registry, launch Windows tools, run custom scripts and much more.

All these do look impressive but the interface is basic only. We would expect folder that is to be selected to look like Explorer, but it is just list boxes that are two in numbers and have less text buttons. You cannot modify the size of the text boxes or the window that is used for selection. This makes the file name have just 36 characters only.

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