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It is a good idea to keep your Windows software up to date and this aspect of bringing a lot of interesting features and fixing bugs as well as improving security, then the DriveTheLife is the best solution. Now, basically while updating the device drivers is quite beneficial and is not a clear-cut aspect.

It could be quite worthwhile but chances are there that the new driver could be buggy. Sometimes you could make mistakes while the update process is going on and this could really mess up the functions of your PC. In addition, it can be quite worth a good choice in updating, especially when you are going through any kind of hardware-related issues. And the DriveTheLife is the perfect tool for automating this process.

The tool is quite easy to use and all you have to do is simply launch the program and it would just scan the system easily and fast, making sure that there are no prompts required. Of course, there are some reports that are circulating online which warns individuals about the drives (i.e. a single drive) requiring certain kind of repair and that one would need to keep five drives as back up.  However, the DriveTheLife simply ignores this kind of usual system related issues.

Now one thing that people need to keep in mind is that such reports are not cluttered with extensive details especially on Event Timers, SMBUS controllers, or any kind of similar factors related to the program and trying to concentrate on other five main categories like Media, Display, USB, Modem, Network, etc.  The developers of this software feel that even though the user clicks repair and as the wireless network drives gets downloaded into the PC, there still would be the executable files of the tool in other drivers.

All these things happen automatically and even there would no prompts displayed and one would not require any kind of further work to be done in this tool. The Update functions of DriveTheLife is separate, invisible and oddly present in the Home screen. But just clicking on the “Local”, users can see that there are two kinds of drives required for updating and the available options that are there which can help in processing the given functions individually or at one time or another.

As per the developers, the original drivers of this tool is backed up into the local folder by default. In case, if you have any kind of issues with reagerd to the updates then it can be restored within seconds. If you are not convinced, then the automatic updates the driver would bring can be a good idea when compare to the DriveTheLife, you need to keep in mind that it won’t change your mind.

Frankly, it is quite better when compared to other kind of similar tools. Even though if you are not quite interested in such kind of app, then it is worth looking or trying.

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