FORCEdraft – The Best Text Editor For Individuals Who Like Editing


Whether it is the Facebook, Twitter, eBay, emails, etc; any kind of web run PC, it would have got a huge amount of distractions that could prevent any person from doing any kind of real job. The FORCEdraft is an easy to use text editor that provides a lot of innovative and strict solutions. Not only it allows you to access other kinds of program, but until you finish a given task, the tool will remain active.

The given program FORCEdraft is small and the size is less than one MB. Not only it is portable, it can help one to block all the given contents on the PC when you type a lot of words or any amount of basic minutes that passes. Once you have made the choice then the FORCEdraft opens in a full screen. In addition, there are no toolbars, menus, or even the paste or copy support ( which could even help you to avoid cheating faster than hitting the word count). When compared to the text editor, this is less complicated when compared to the web text box and all the contents that you can type.

The main gimmick or marketing strategy is that you can simply switch from all the things. If you think that pressing the Win key would work, then it is wrong. Even pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC  to launch also won’t work. But by pressing the ALT+TAB display, the application gets running and it would allow one to choose the given tool. But once the key for the FORCEdraft is released, the screen becomes full.

Initially, most people wondered if the program could be good and some felt that the dangerous kind of system level would provide a good trickery to ensure that the given tool works. In addition, once you have reached the editor stage, then you would have to do get into the aspect of creating and designing documents. The FORCEdraft would save the background and that too every twenty seconds. Basically, clicking the FORCEdraft logo at any time would help in displaying the number of words or documents or when it gets finished. At times, a “Save & Exit” prompt would appear and clicking it would ultimately close the program.

The FORCEdraft is a simple and basic text editor. Of course, there are other ways one can escape from the clutches of non-compatible program. However, in case if you want to ensure that a non-technical user is able to comprehend and concentrate on the real work, then this program is quite effective. Not only it is free but very much safe to try and use.

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