Site Monitoring – The Best Tool For Monitoring Websites


Site Monitoring is one of the best Java-run tools that can provide many steps in monitoring websites and the contents present in them. This tool is quite easy to use and once launched, it would open a page in the default browser. Now the given interface is simply basic but it has got various sets of website checks which can assist in figuring out on how the website works.

In this tool, the first the tool would check out the homepage. Then the graph icon which is present in the tool would display the many responses in graphical form as soon as it gets clicked. In case, if it is not so much interesting, then you would have to click the Start button a few times so that the on-demand checks would run and it can add a certain points to the graph.

Basically, there is nothing different in this tool and the basic advantage is that on clicking the Edit icon, certain interesting configurations would pop up. In addition, to the basic types of URL which along with schedule, frequency, timeout needs to be checked, the page content and definite text strings would also be enquired. Another extensive feature of this tool is that it would check for broken links, specific Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) return codes and sometimes would send many email alerts about the problem.

Frankly, the Site Monitoring’s website browser is quite easy to use. The only set back is that native users may initially find it tedious and confusing, however, the tool works well, if the user is accustomed with the functionality of Java.

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