How Antivirus Tool Are Missing 70% of Malware?


Recently Damballa, the threat protection company had released the fourth quarter report of the year 2014 related to the latest state of infections. This highlights the main limitations of the current prevention focused method which is used in the security.  As per the report, within the first hour of the submission, it was found out the AV products missed about seventy percent of the malware.

Further, when it was scanned to find out the malware signatures, about 66% of the malware were identified in about 24 hours and just after seven days, the total was about 72%. Basically, it took about six months for the AV products to develop and make signatures which are 100% new and malicious data. Naturally, this has a great impact on the containment and would simply increase the risk which may arise especially with regard to the live infections on the network.

In addition, the report even highlights the significances of automating the manual process and trying to reduce the noise present in the false positives, making sure that most of the skilled manpower related to security rather than the normal trawling of the uncorroborated alerts which is used to check out the true infections. So, in order to reduce the manual efforts that is common, Damballa feels the security teams need to have or be able to automatically detect the actual infection which could reach to the statistical threshold of the given confidence in a better and proper infection.

At times, an integration between the response system and detection has to be made and the even the major policies with regard to automated response related to degree of confidence has to be specified. Now what is clear and present in the figures is one must change and modify the table of infection and the time. And in the same manner, you need to ensure that the figures are clear.

In the same manner, the various flu vaccined often hinges on trying to make a best guess decision. And in the same manner the available vaccine of the flu would hinges on typing to create the best decision for making most of the prevalent virus and the AV is the only tool which is effective for most of the people who want some time to check out the system.

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