Disk Drill – Solid Program For File Recovery


For Mac OS X, Disk Drill is considered to be one of the best sources for data recovery. Disk Drill does make recovery an easy process. At a click of a button, you can get the scanning did and the list of files can be recovered too. The Mac does have other benefits too. The Disk Drill can get the data recovered from drives such as HFS+, NTFS, FAT or Linux EXT 2 /3 / 4. You could create a backup of the drives’ to an image such as DMG, in case you feel the files could be overwritten prior to getting restored.

On clicking Recover, you can leap to the drive that contains the file and gets into the action. Usually scanning does take ample of time, but Disk Drill gets the files displayed when they are displayed and browsing can be done as you are previewing them. You could get the files recovered as the main scan is being carried out.

In case, scanning is taking the time or Disk Drill is using lot of resources, you can freeze the session, get the program closed and then at a later stage restart it from the point you had left. It may not sound good if the files are being recovered from the system drive. You could wait for a longer time as they could be overwritten. But in a way it is good to be flexible too.

Once the scan is done, you can get the results to be filtered based on the name of the file, type, date or size of the file. You can get the files to be previewed and the files that are lost could be recovered too. Suppose you have deleted some file accidentally from a located that is highly protected, it does become easier for recovery as there is no long scanning process involved and there is no chance of data being overwritten. You can easily select it manually from the vault.

Disk Drill does have a lot to offer: the main engine available is properly designed and are presented. Also, there are real extras available in it too. Till now, there has been no real version that is portable available but it is a real solid program that does grab your attention.

Download Disk Drill for Mac OS X

Download Disk Drill for Windows

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