HexBrowser – Scrutinizing The Details Of Mysterious Files


In most cases, it is easy to check out the file type. With a simple glance on the current extensions, you could know whether it is a program, exe, an archive, ZIP, an image, JPG, and the list goes on. However, it may not be simple as you think. What happens if the extension is missing or if it has got modified due to unforeseen changes?

In such cases, you can take the services or use the HexBrowser. It easily analyzes the given contents of the file and provides you basic information about what the file is about. Unlike other programs or tools where one simply selects the given file and can drag as well as drop it onto a given program, here it cannot be done. In a sense, it is quite simple while using the HexBrowser. All you have to do is select the program, click open. Then you can choose whatever file that you want and the HexBrowser ‘s Info feature panel would provide you the basic information about the given contents in the file.

Now the information is synchronized in a simple manner and starts with basic ones like path, name, file size, write time, access time, attributes, create time, etc. Compared to other tools available online, HexBrowser is quite advanced. It uses the low-level information of the present file structure so that it can identify what kind of file it is. Whether the file is a Window bitmap, rar archive, a rich text format document, an executable, a shortcut of the internet, etc. whatever the file is it would be easy for HexBrowser to analyze and has the extensive feature of supporting thousand formats.

In addition, another feature of HexBrowser is that it goes on further providing users a lot of features such as the low-level details of the innards of the file. The concept is simply. Rather than providing basic information, the tool would tell you whether the given file is a Zip archive and would even try to find out how may number of files it has and would simply list them out individually.

Now there is however a slight negativity with regard to certain advanced features. It does not mean that the HexBrowser is worth to try but it is very much helpful if you use it for a long time in order to understand the pros and cons of this given tool.

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