Boot Repair Disk – Detecting and fixing the Windows and Linux Boot Issues

Boot Repair Disk

There could be times when your PC won’t be running properly and suffering from the boot problem. If you have such kind of issue, then you could run the Startup Repair which is available on the Windows DVD which can easily help in fixing most of the common problems. However, if you are not able to get the disc or in case you never had one or the Startup Repair is not running, then the time has come for you to check out the Boot Repair Disk.

The Boot Repair Disk is nothing but an open source disk that can easily help in detecting and fixing majority of the Linux and Windows boot problems, master boot record, corrupt boot sector, GRUB issues, and the various issues which could crop up. Now this can be a complex and horrible data to be in, but the Boot Repair Disk tool keeps all the things simple. You have the choice to select the 64-bit session, the required language, and wait for the system to respond and check the status.

So, once this is done, then a dialogue box will appear which would display the ‘Recommended Repair’ button and the minimum what you could do is click and simply wait for the fix to be applied. However, if you want full control or somewhat you still have doubts about such kind of program and you do want to know how it works, then you could click on the Advance Option, which would assist you more. There are various tools which would help to back up and create the partition tables, boot the sector and even try to restore the MBR, boot the menu, and try to repair the given file system and try to fix the Windows boot files.

If still you are feeling less comfy with the tool, there is the ‘Bootinfo Summary’ which helps in creating a detail report on the system drive. And this would simply post the given report online at the specified URL which is the custom, thereby allowing you to share the given link with others. In addition, a Boot Repair Disk is also called as LiveCD.

So, it means that if your system needs to access the Internet, then you would really need to browse the net to know a lot more on what kind of assistance is required. To conclude, Boot Repair Disk is an awesome package and easy to use for the novice.

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