Melno Security – New Isolation Technology Seeks To Eliminate Malware Threats

Menlo Security

Melno Security, a California company, is going to launch an approach which is completely new and they call it Isolation Platform. They claim that Isolation Platform will eliminate the threat of malware on the web and email from key attack vectors.

This technology is the result of the combined thought of professional, academics and experts. The security platform does not require any software in the endpoint and it will be able to reduce the threat of malware that comes from web traffic, email and web-based document.

The co-founder, as well as CEO of the company, says that individuals, as well as organizations, will not get feared online and there is no way to compromise. He further added that Melano Security has reinvented the isolation which is highly scalable and usable.

The Melno security doesn’t distinguish the legitimate contents from the malware, rather what it does is to isolate and execute all kind of web content in the cloud as well as away from the endpoint. This solution generally uses

The Melno Security Isolation platform as a public cloud-based service available now. You can get it as virtual appliance also for on-premise deployment. It doesn’t require any software on the endpoint, as well as it is compatible with all kind of hardware, browser and operating System.

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